Day 782: I pray

Dear Allah,

Ya Allah, She said the poor people who have no food to eat do their prayers because otherwise they’ll die. Their prayers brings them hope that someday they will be better. They believe that one day God will provide. This is their survival. This is their hope.

The rich don’t do their prayers because they don’t believe they’ll ever be poor. In their mind they become Gods themselves. Money is their God. If one day the rich become poor then he may decide to pray and then God will change his/her life again. This is the can be a viscous cycle of life.

We choose our path through prayer so why should we neglect it? The poor have so many children’s I they pray that God will help provide for them. But do the rich pray for this? Do the rich pray for God to provide? Do they thank him for what he has done for them or do they have a God-complex?

I will always have to pray for God’s help, mercy and love because I truly have nothing without God. All the blessing in my life are from God. I never considered it luck but blessings. I pray to God because I am looking for continued blessings. I pray to him so I am reminded that he is above me. If God were so different from Allah.

I pray.

Thank you,