Day 754: Video games smarts

Dear Allah,

Ya Allah, don’t you just love it when you’re playing a video game and you beat the game. Then you get bored with it. By the time you’re bored with it, it’s too late for the maker to make an upgrade. That’s how I feel about a lot of games.

Video games tend to make you smarter. So smart that you beat them before they can upgrade them. Most games get a bad rap. They’re often portrayed as making people look antisocial, encourage laziness, and be considered a waste of time.

However, these games are actually increasing your intelligence. Contrary to what people believe games have many educational, physical, and psychological benefits for players. Video game training has the same affect as reading a book.

In addition the reward systems and the games out of eight players to continually improve their skills. So to issue a fatwa against a video game is totally stupid because it hinders the education of those people. Clearly this is why certain countries are not becoming smarter because they are issuing stupid legal opinions on video games.

Video games smarts.

Thank you,