Day 701: Why no on really cares about the Syrian refugees

Dear Allah,

Ya Allah, on this Memorial Day weekend while everyone is sitting around drinking their beers, eating their Barbecue, and downing a hot dog or two they’re not thinking about the Syrian refugees. In fact, I don’t think they give a damn about them. I give a damn about them!

I just think others have no compassion for them, especially Americans. They would rather let the wash ashore the island of Lesbos like where some of those celebrities met with them to see them. I think they didn’t really care about them either.

Most of those refugees died before they reached that island and it was Greeks who threw them back in the water. Nobody wants them. Maybe they are hoping they stay in Syria and Iraq and let our American arsenals gun them down one by one.

This is a fast and easy way to get rid of them and then they don’t have to come running to Europe or the US for help. Americans don’t want to be bothered with such a nuisance. They have no compassion for it. Plus the US sold Syria weapons for a reason. I guess just let them all die.

Why no one cares about the Syrian refugees.

Thank you,