Day 367: Selfish Selfless Sunday

Dear Allah,

Ya Allah, majority of the time I consider myself selfless. I have my feelings and I share them, selfless. If I give other people feelings that are very selfless. Although, they’re my feelings so maybe that’s selfish.

Today, I was passing by the courtyard, observing it’s well-groomed pristine landscaping, selfless. The church was like a castle so I took a picture, selfish.  Then I walked in and casually genuflected before crossing through the pews, selfless.

I observed and admired its architecture, selfless. Then I traveled over to the statue of Saint, selfless. As I was reading about the saint I noticed a red sign “Please donate $1.00.” abhorred by its tackiness I walked away, selfish.

Are my feelings and love for you, Allah Ya Allah, selfish? If I want to have an informal invocation with you is this selfish? Are my prayers of irreverent liturgy selfless? Most of the time my conversations with you are but I came running to you, selfless