Day 731: Strong pound

Dear Allah,

Ya Allah, you know when you get on the weight machine, the scale, and you want to know how much of your weight is in muscle? Each pound of muscle is a strong pound . The rest of it is fat and water.

Would we be able to say the same thing about the British pound and will it be strong? This is a mystery for now. I believe it will be strong once again in the future. But for now it’s going to have its ups and downs.

This may make it difficult on all of us for travel since the currency will be different. At the pound being down will affect property value by making it easier for locals to buy property. Although it will make it difficult for students coming to the UK.

On the upside UK is not affected by struggling countries in the EU. The UK can make it’s decisions about refugee policies. In the end, I think it’ll pick up and gain its strength back. But who knows what the future hold for Britain.

Strong pound.

Thank you,