The Ultimate Superheroine Bodice by Issey Miyake

From Kyoto Costume Institute
Issey Miyake red plastic bodice circa 1980 from the book Kyoto Costume Institute

This bodice by Issey Miyake is the ultimate superheroine bodice to I have ever been created.  This piece is perfectly molded to the body and contours  every line in curve.  Every wonder woman or Jessica rabbit wants this for their Halloween costume.   I know I would prefer it for my Halloween costume or just to wear.

House of Devore corset jacket
House of Devore corset jacket circa 2001

This corset jacket designed by House of Devore was designed  for special customer. There is boningthroughout the entire jacket along the waist and draped throughout the neckline.   Curvature of the breasts are also made prominent in this design.  Also designed for a superheroine.