Day 510: Confused Jurisdiction

Dear Allah,

Ya Allah, I don’t understand what makes certain government officials think this is a Judeo-Christian nation.  Especially given the fact we purchased land from the Native American tribes who are tax-free because it is still their land. In addition they receive taxpayer money due to blood quantum laws. They are not Christians or Jews.

So the idea that this nation is Christian or Judeo based is not accurate.  We are a secular nation with tax payers who are from many faiths.  This is not the Vatican City.  We don’t pay into the Catholic Church.  And you know that I know all about the

I’ve also lived in New York long enough to have learned about the Jewish ways.  What I do know is not all Judeo-Christian values coincide with our laws. I mean, it’s not like Ash Wednesday, Good Friday or any of the less important Jewish holidays are national holidays.

This would be way too many days off for students throughout the school year.  The point is, our nation is entirely secular and so is our constitution.  However, the belief in God, whoever it maybe even you, Allah ya Allah, will always be a part of this nation’s very Confused Jurisdiction.

Thank you,