Day 595: Free College?

Dear Allah,

Ya Allah, how would it be possible for Americans to go to college for free? Would it be like the public school system? Would college students rely on tax payers money to fun their college tuition?

So what happens if the college student drops out? Are tax payers dollars going to waste? This happens all the time with high school drop-outs and they can get by with a GED.  Would the education system be limited if it were only funded by tax payers dollars?

I think it would be challenging to have state of the art equipment and technology if colleges were free or funded by tax payers money.  Where I went to school, which was private, we all used Apple computers.

My college also had state of the art technology because it wasn’t for free.  The saying “You get what you pay for” applies well here.  As much as I would like to go to college for free, I don’t want to be taxed for it.

Free College?

Thank you,