Dear Allah,

Ya Allah,  I remember when I was in Mr. Woolsey’s economics class, at LCHS, he was discussing the famous acronym, TANSTAAFL, which means, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”  I always brought a cold, sack lunch to school, along with my milk money.

Don’t ask me why I took economics because it wasn’t a required course.  I could have taken the class where I had to parent the plastic baby doll, all day.  I don’t know, I guess, I figured it requires money to have a family so economics seemed more of a priority to me.

Mr. Woolsey was one of the football coaches and he knew I was an Honors art student so it was strange, for me, to be in the class.  I guess we all gravitate to certain subjects for a reason.  The textbook was so nice, I kept it in my library.

But, you know, Allah ya Allah, my father taught me, “God’s love is free.”  So, I guess, I don’t have to worry about paying taxes, to you, but, rather, paying by praying.  Well, I guess I still have to pay, for Zakat, so it’s partially free.

Thank you,