Abstract Art: Field of Flowers

Abstract art by Sahra Hussain title : Field of Flowers (2017) 28″ W X 20″ H, Acrylic on Canvas(For price inquiry refer to Contact page.)

Field of flowers is an abstract drip painting which consists of cobalt blue, yellow, magenta, teal and white. Dollops of paste median were sporadically placed all over canvas and then sculpted into florets.  A pallette knife was used to spread paint.

On top of that brush strokes of in an impressionistic style were applied.  Drip painting application was used as a finishing touch.  Randomly you will see different shapes like flowers, leaves, animals etc.

This colorful garden has pop out textural sculpted florals coming out from the flat canvas surface. This feature adds texture to the painting.   The canvas is covered with many colors of nature which is why I call it Field of Flowers.


Author: Sahra Hussain

I'm an American artist and writer.

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