Abstract Art: Mercury Dive

Abstract Art by Sahra Hussain, title: Mercury Dive (2017) 18″W X 24″H, Acrylic on Canvas(For price inquiry refer to Contact page.)

Mercury is a heavy fluid we use for all sorts of things.  Mercury is also a  planet.  I consider this painting to be sci-fi organic.  This painting is futuristic in nature.

The technique for this painting is a drip painting which uses three colors; silver, red and black.  Mercury Dive represents mercury blasting off into an array of tri-colors.  The canvas is highly textured with heaviness of paints.

The blacks in the painting represent the blackout of Mercury and the reds represent fire after diving into mercury. All the color submerge to form together after the “dive in Mercury”.   These all come together to form what is called Mercury Dive.


Author: Sahra Hussain

I'm an American artist and writer.

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