Abstract Art: Urban Frequency

Abstract Art by Sahra Hussain, title: Urban Frequency (2017) 24″W X 36″H, Acrylic on Canvas(For price inquiry refer to Contact page.)

This piece is a drip painting developed using four colors and is inspired by music, urban life and the city.  There is a sense of speed  and motion which you experience in city life that is fast paced.   The use of electric blues and shocking pink gives it the vibrance of color needed for this experience.

White was added later using a condiment container applied in vertical and horizontal motions to achieve the look of movement.  Splatters of white reflect flashing lights within the speed of light.  I chose black for the background to depict the darkness of the city night.

The city has always been an inspiration for my work and it continues to be.  I consider this painting to be organic in nature even though it has to do with physics. This painting was inspired by the music and the city lights of urban life which is why I call it Urban Frequency.


Author: Sahra Hussain

I'm an American artist and writer.

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