Abstract Art: Awakening

Abstract Art by Sahra Hussain, title: Awakening (2017) 30″W x 46″H, Acrylic on Canvas (SOLD)

When you wake up from sleeping and your eyes begin to open as you slowly open your eyes the light comes in.  This was my inspiration for this painting.  The darkness slowly begins to fade away as the bright light seeps into your eyes.

This is my first abstract painting. I usually do realism and still life. This painting I consider to be organic in style.  This could be interpreted in many ways but my inspiration is what gave me this result.

The canvas base is painted in all black using several layers of black paint mixed with matte medium.  The blue is layered on thickly, without medium, having dried for hours after each application which created a textural effect for the red which is glossed over it.

The blue to me are the eyes and the red symbolizes the light which comes in once you begin to open your eyes.  The black is the darkness while your in REM sleep. The texture in the blue with the red overlay is the movement the eyes make when they open.  This is why I call this Awakening.