Abstract Art: Sunrise/Sunset

Abstract art by Sahra Hussain, title: Sunrise/Sunset (2017) 30″W x 40″H, Acrylic on Canvas

This is a textured canvas using pumice gel medium with colors of the horizon.  This is also a drip painting and is organic in style.  This painting is fired up with reds and cooled down with blues and teals.  Just like an abstract version of the Sunrise/Sunset.

First a textured medium was applied to the base of the canvas.  Then paint was applied in the shape of a sun and it’s beams of color which represent that of the horizon.  The drip paint was applied as a finishing touch.

Several techniques were used to make up this painting, it’s highly detailed. The amount of physicality it took to make this painting is tremendous for all my paintings.  For this I use several colors to create the beautiful horizon of the Sunrise/Sunset.