Pictured: Painting (The Awakening) with artist Sahra Hussain (left)

Sahra Hussain is an American New York City-based visual artist with fifteen years of experience. She is trained in several art forms and disciplines such as drawing, fashion design, photography as well as the performing arts. Sahra received a BFA from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, and also holds an MBA. In recent years, Sahra has established herself as a prolific abstract painter often utilizing a range of materials including oils, acrylics and textured mediums on canvas.

Sahra’s passion for creating art began when she was three-years-old. While she continues to be inspired by color palettes and complex materials, Sahra is constantly exploring new ways of manipulating tangible elements and turning them into a metaphysical form. She is strategic in her approach, yet spontaneous and always stays true to her vision.

Sahra Hussain provides ready made artwork and commissioned artwork. You can contact the admin through the Contact page and inquire about pricing and commissioned artworks.