Abstract Art: Color Blocks

Abstract Art by Sahra Hussain, title: Color Blocks (2017) 36″W X 48″H, Acrylic on Canvas (For price inquiry refer to Contact page.)

Color Blocks is a geometric painting inspired by a puzzle.  The lines in this painting are intentionally not perfectly straight to give it an organic feeling.  This is my style of painting, organic.

The choice of colors include colors in the rainbow and black and gray to give the painting an edge.  The black gives the painting depth while the gray breaks up the painting with a gray-scale.  Each color is strategically placed to harmonize the painting.

The paint is coated heavily, in acrylic, on each block and the size is 36 X 48. I tend to lay on the pigment very heavily without using matte or gloss medium.   This painting is also very painterly in style as was my last painting.

I also felt very inspired by children’s toys and children themselves.  I have two nieces who play a lot of games and watch a lot of children animated films.   The child in me inspired me to paint this painting, Color Blocks.