Abstract Art: Genie on the Loose

Abstract Art by Sahra Hussain, title: Genie on the Loose(SOLD)

This painting is an abstract painting using a drip method as well as a hand painted technique.  The paint used is glow in the dark paint and powders so there is a bit of a granule texture.  Since it is glow the dark paint the colors are in the neon family.

I was inspired by the genie from the Disney film Alladin.  I painted the colors as if they were the midst that the genie came out of.  The extra splatter is a part of the midst from the genie’s emergence.  The black background represents the darkness in which the genie emerges from.

This canvas I also built myself.  Part of the authencity of my work is that it is handcrafted and American made.  Although the inspiration for this painting is inspired by the east it still has an American touch. Genie on the Loose.