Abstract Art: Bloodlines

Abstract Art by Sahra Hussain, title: Bloodlines (2017) 24W X 36H, Acrylic on Canvas(For price inquiry refer to Contact page.)

Bloodlines is an Optical Illusion painting using strips of bronze stripes made by mixing black and interference gold.  The interference gold gives the painting a reflective look.  The middle is a 12 X 12 box painted in cadmium red mixed with alizarin crimson hue to give it the blood color.

The idea behind this piece was family and relatives.  How we are all our own blood but at some point we are the same like with out immediate families.  This is what happens when we reach the box of blood, we meet our brothers, sisters, mother, father, aunts and uncles who are blood related.

As we see the lines distance from the box, we see our distant relatives; cousins, second cousins, in-laws.  Notice that each line is a different shape and is not perfectly smooth because each one of us has different DNA.  This is why I call this work Bloodlines.